Jeanie Malouf Real Estate

Seller's Marketing Plan

My marketing plan includes the following steps:

  1. Submit your home to the Multiple Listing Service.
  2. Promote your home at our real estate board meetings to create maximum exposure to other agents in the area.
  3. Develop a list of features and benefits of your home for other agents to use while showing your home.
  4. Suggest and advise you as to any changes you might want to make in your property to make it more marketable.
  5. Constantly update you as to any changes in current marketing conditions.
  6. Promote your home on the Internet - I have two different websites to use, and
  7. Add additional exposure through a professional sign and lock box.
  8. Constantly update other agents about any changes in price or condition of your home.
  9. Advertise in local publications.
  10. Prequalify when possible all prospective buyers.
  11. Make you completely aware of various methods of financing your buyer might want to use.
  12. Invite as many cooperating agents and brokers in the area to tour your home.
  13. Provide on a monthly basis for the cooperating agents a list of features and benefits of your home.
  14. Follow up on the sales people who have shown your home to their prospective buyers.
  15. Assist you if necessary in arranging interim financing.
  16. Represent you during the presentation of all contracts by agents and help you in negotiating the best possible price and terms on your home.
  17. Handle all follow up and keep you informed after the contract has been accepted on all closing procedures.
  18. Deliver your check at closing.

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